Party Penguins is a comic about a group of penguins looking out for adventure. Check out this page here to learn more about them.


1. What is this?

This is a webcomic about a group of five penguins based on five dungeons and dragons classes (Barbarian, Ranger, Cleric, Wizard and Swordmage) out for adventure! Treasure! And Fame! And of course, staying alive. Because that’s always important when you’re out in the great wide world.

2. Swordmage? I never heard of the Swordmage class.

Swordmages were a class found in the 4th edition of D&D – originally in the Forgotten Realms player’s guide. They’re also my favorite class. In terms of the game they’re magic users that use swords as their primary magical focus. In 4th edition terms they’re defenders and teleport monkeys. Which is why I liked them so much: I could teleport, use magic and not be squishy.

3. Where did the idea for this webcomic come from? 

This is a long and rambling story! But I got a book on how to make sculpey charms, One of the designs was a penguin. On a whim one day I decided to put a wizard’s hat on a penguin. Who then needed a wizard’s staff. Before I baked it, I noticed it was about the same size as a medium sized D&D mini and that I had a circle cuter that would make circles the same size as medium sized creature bases.

Why not? I thought.

Other penguins followed.

At the same time I was taking a branding class for graphic design and our first project was to brand something. I had a bunch of penguin miniatures.

Why not? I thought once again.

Doodling out some logo designs I ended up drawing a short four panel strip – page one – of Swordmage and Wizard penguin. It kind of spiraled out of control after that. Thus – Party Penguins was born!

4. You say they were originally miniatures? Where can I get some? 

Here! Etsy is your friend and mine!

5. I’ve noticed that all the penguins are referred to as “it” or don’t have any gender specified. Why?

When I was making the penguin miniatures I never assigned a gender to them as classes were neutral. That carried on into the comic. It seemed easier at the time.